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Our Fleet


MORBARK 6600's 


Our MORBARK 6600 Wood Hog is aggressive, highly productive, and engineered with the power and features needed to maximize output and enhance profitability.​The Wood Hog is the best industrial-grade grinder you can get for processing brush, yard waste, clearing debris, storm debris and other mixed woody feedstocks into salable products. The Wood Hog gives us the ability to achieve – and maintain – the precise specs you need to create the highest-value end product.



Our VERMEER HG6800's have high-horsepower engines and a compact design, resulting in a highly versatile horizontal grinder with high production capabilities.​The HG6800 is a track transport vehicle on-site with a dolly system that allows us to deploy the unit quickly to any area in the country without waiting for a dedicated trailer for transport.

MORBARK 1300's 


Our MORBARK 1300 tub grinders are engineered to give you the power and features you need to maximize output and enhance your profitability. In addition, it is compact for easy transportation between job sites.​This tub grinder is designed for the most challenging recycling applications. With the right machinery, Agricycle is able to excel at processing yard waste, pallets and other mixed woody feedstocks into saleable products. Our MORBARK 1300 Tub Grinders give you best-in-class performance to get your job done in a timely matter.



Our INVENTHOR TYPE 9 is a slow-speed shredder capable of maximizing grinding while minimizing waste.​With enhanced fuel efficiency, the Inventhor provides a first pass to processing that minimizes unusable sawdust that could end up in the waste stream and renders bulk wood waste transportable to another location for final processing into usable products.



AgriCycle is the best at what we do and CAT is the best at what they make, that’s why we operate 320 CAT Excavators with grapples. They’ll be on your project site to get the job done…and get it done right!


With our sister company, St. Louis Composting, AgriCycle has a fleet consisting of 28 Tractor Trucks with 100 cubic yard walking floor trailers ready and available to transport materials from job sites to nearby processing facilities.


Forestry mulchers/mowers can be the highest production mulching machines for the horsepower. These machines maximize engine and hydraulic horsepower and feature spiral cutting, plainer tooth, and patented cutting heads. They are able to clear land quickly, inexpensively, and without disturbing soil structures.​By mulching material onsite with a forestry mulcher/mower, you can reduce erosion, reduce runoff pollution, and there is no burning needed. By only needing one machine on the job, we are able to get started faster and do not need soil disturbance permits.

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Charges are job-specific and based on project specifications. A project-specific quote is provided free of charge. A staff member can visit your job site to give an estimate. We can quote your project by the acre, by the hour, or by the job.


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