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Wood Grinding

AgriCycle approaches each assignment focused on a goal many first-time clients find surprising: to minimize the amount of tree debris it must grind. It’s the most economical solution for clients. The record shows that harvesting and grinding “fresh fall” is faster than burning it – when burning is permitted. It’s also the right thing to do for the environment.

AgriCycle works hand-in-hand with loggers to make sure that every tree with potential commercial value is graded, sorted, and fully harvested – be it for lumber, pallet wood, or pulp.

We then grind the treetops and stumps that remain into chips and handle them as our client directs. They can remain on-site (for erosion control) or AgriCycle can transport them to a composting center or to a location the client selects. In the end, there’s no smoke, ash, or lingering debris to irritate neighbors or alarm authorities – just cleared, ready-to-go ground.

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