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Wood Grinding


AgriCycle approaches each assignment focused on a goal many first-time clients find surprising: to minimize the amount of tree debris it must grind. It’s the most economical solution for clients. The record shows that harvesting and grinding “fresh fall” is faster than burning it – when burning is permitted. It’s also the right thing to do for the environment.AgriCycle works hand-in-hand with loggers to make sure that every tree with potential commercial value is graded, sorted, and fully harvested – be it for lumber, pallet wood, or pulp.We then grind the treetops and stumps that remain into chips and handle them as our client directs. They can remain on-site (for erosion control) or AgriCycle can transport them to a composting center or to a location the client selects. In the end, there’s no smoke, ash, or lingering debris to irritate neighbors or alarm authorities – just cleared, ready-to-go ground.

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Agricycle’s philosophy is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We participate in completing the recycling circle with the services we offer by doing the following:

REDUCE: We reduce the volume of debris that is sent to landfills through grinding on all of our projects. We also reduce our carbon footprint by grinding instead of burning debris which introduces harmful pollutants into the environment.

REUSE: The debris we collect and grind can be introduced back into the environment. We use it to create mulches and soil improvement products such as our Black Gold Compost.

RECYCLE: AgriCycle is Nature’s Way of Recycling. At AgriCycle, we strive to provide a valuable source of nutrients to return to the environment. By recycling the ground material and then returning it as a beneficial source, we complete the recycling circle.

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