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Forestry Mowing & Mulching


We use top-of-the-line forestry mowers that can clear right-of-way faster than any other machine available. The layer of mulch our machines leave behind creates a clean, smooth surface to work on, even in wet conditions. Our machines work to do very little damage to the ground or grass, making our technique the most environmentally friendly option for brush clearing.


Forestry mowing is ideal for clearing and managing invasive brush species and smaller vegetation.  Our mulchers are a quick and environmentally friendly way to clear out paths or sections of land that have been overgrown by honeysuckle, cedars, etc.  The mulch produced and left on the ground will act as a buffer against future growth as well.

The mulch left behind prevents erosion and leaves land with a manicured look. There is no burning, no haul-off required and no unattractive brush piles left behind. This makes for happy landowners and inspectors!


1. Quick and efficient, eliminating the need for site prep and cleanup.

2. Limited soil disturbance providing better erosion control after processing. Forestry mowing does not uproot large trees and expose the soil.

3. Mulched material provides access roads deeper into the site that be utilized by other equipment.

4. Eliminates small trees and underbrush which helps eliminate overcrowding of old forest assets, reducing stress on the eco-system and minimizing habitat for invasive plants, insects, and fungus.

5. Forestry mowers can operate in tight areas and in poor weather conditions.


AgriCycle has one of the Midwest's largest grinder fleets; we specialize in land clearing, storm cleanup, yard waste processing, and more. Our diverse fleet and skilled personnel ensure efficient, tailored solutions for projects nationwide.

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with vegetative debris, storm cleanup, or land clearing on their own. Our services ensure the efficient removal of wood waste and contribute to environmental sustainability by recycling materials into usable mulch.

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