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Land Clearing

AgriCycle has a large fleet of grinders and supporting equipment to dispose of existing vegetation. Combine that with the most experienced and efficient operators in the industry and AgriCycle is the obvious choice for your land clearing needs. We can handle it all. AgriCycle is available to assist with the proper handling of trees, brush, and stumps on a contracted land clearing project.

Our machinery is capable of cutting and chipping standing or fallen trees and vegetation up to 8 inches in diameter. All material is chipped into mulch, with stumps being cut at ground level-enabling any rubber-tired machinery to be used immediately for site maintenance by the landowner.

AgriCycle uses forestry mulching equipment that enables the client to selectively remove specific trees and brush. More traditional methods of land clearing often result in numerous problems for the land-owner, including unsafe site burns, and possible damage to surrounding vegetation root systems.

Land Clearing


Sustainable Solutions

Our specialized fleet of grinders and heavy machinery is tailored for efficient and sustainable land clearing across the Midwest and beyond. Whether you're a homeowner, commercial developer, or municipality, we handle projects of all sizes with expertise. Our skilled team ensures thorough and environmentally conscious results from storm cleanup to vegetation management. Plus, our wood waste recycling program turns cleared debris into nutrient-rich mulch, benefiting the soil. Trust AgriCycle for reliable, professional, and environmentally friendly land-clearing services that exceed your expectations.


AgriCycle has one of the Midwest's largest grinder fleets; we specialize in land clearing, storm cleanup, yard waste processing, and more. Our diverse fleet and skilled personnel ensure efficient, tailored solutions for projects nationwide.

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with vegetative debris, storm cleanup, or land clearing on their own. Our services ensure the efficient removal of wood waste and contribute to environmental sustainability by recycling materials into usable mulch.

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