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In 1994, AgriCycle, Inc was established to provide an efficient and sustainable solution for processing wood waste and vegetative debris.

Currently, AgriCycle, Inc. is an industry leader in eco-friendly wood waste reduction and recycling, equipped with one of the largest grinder fleets in the Midwest.

AgriCycle is capable of handling jobs of all sizes and we specialize in land clearing, storm clean up, utility and roadway clearing, yard waste processing, and vegetation management.  We have worked on some of the largest commercial and residential developments in the Midwest, and have been on the front lines of numerous tornado, flood, and hurricane clean-up efforts across the country.


Our parent company, St. Louis Composting recycles the wood waste produced from the grinding operation into a usable mulch, putting nutrients and fiber back into the earth’s soil. Additionally, AgriCycle’s fleet of machines is able to tailor the end product to the specifications of the landowner and is able to provide an environmentally friendly solution for erosion control on construction projects.


AgriCycle’s fleet consists of:


  • Tracked and wheeled horizontal grinders for land clearing projects

  • Tub grinders for municipal grinding and wood waste recycling

  • Forestry mulchers for vegetation management

  • Dozers, high lifts, and excavators capable of handling any sized material


We are able to mobilize these units all over the country and our personnel are the most skilled, safety-conscious, and qualified in the industry.


We provide job bids and project estimates based on the size and quantity of your grinding needs and can tailor proposals, equipment, and manpower to meet your specifications.  Call us today for a free estimate.


AgriCycle – Recycling the Natural World

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Agricycle’s philosophy is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We participate in completing the recycling circle with the services we offer by doing the following:

REDUCE: We reduce the volume of debris that is sent to landfills through grinding on all of our projects. We also reduce our carbon footprint by grinding instead of burning debris which introduces harmful pollutants into the environment.

REUSE: The debris we collect and grind can be introduced back into the environment. We use it to create mulches and soil improvement products such as our Black Gold Compost.

RECYCLE: AgriCycle is Nature’s Way of Recycling. At AgriCycle, we strive to provide a valuable source of nutrients to return to the environment. By recycling the ground material and then returning it as a beneficial source, we complete the recycling circle.





We utilize our grinding equipment and our forestry mulcher/mowers to leave behind a clear path for utilities to access and build utility infrastructure.

We can grind natural debris and leave behind the mulch to provide a smooth path for equipment on newly cleared pathways. This makes for happy construction professionals, landowners, and inspectors!



With our large fleet of grinders and transport vehicles, AgriCycle can get things back to normal after a storm in a hurry.

With a centralized storm debris drop-off zone, we can set-up our equipment and grind all of your tree material into mulch and haul it away to a local municipal storage building, compost facility, or landfill. 


Whether an area is being cleared for commercial development or simply to open an area up for a park, AgriCycle can help you prepare an area for a new use, all the while, recycling and being environmentally responsible along the way.

With a vast array of equipment ideally suited for quick and efficient land clearing, we can help you clear an area quickly and efficiently.

We operate safely and in a timely manner to get your area to its next stage of use.


Our contract grinding operations provide our customers with alternatives to burning "fresh fall" and eliminates the need to check if that solution is permitted.

We can work with contractors to evaluate the potential for commercial value and help discard those items which offer no additional revenue.

Whatever your process requires, AgriCycle will make sure your site is cleared and ready to go on your timeline.





After grinding environmental matter into small pieces, we can distribute the result as pathways for heavy equipment or remove it completely from the job site.

With a large fleet of transport vehicles, we can have trailers lined up for loading without a stoppage in clearing and grinding, making for a quick, efficient process that moves your project along in a timely manner.

We use top-of-the-line forestry mulchers/mowers that can clear right-of-way faster than any other machine available. The layer of mulch our machines leave behind creates a clean, smooth surface to work on, even in wet conditions. Our machines work to do very little damage to the ground or grass, making our technique the most environmentally friendly option for brush clearing.




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