In this age of environmental awareness, AgriCycle, Inc. is a leader in eco-friendly wood grinding and land clearing and storm debris clean-up. Established in 1994, we have the expertise and equipment to perform a variety of grinding services. We have experience with projects such as road right of way, utility right of way, municipal brush sites, storm debris removal and clean-up, golf courses and residential subdivisions. The natural materials produced are recycled and incorporated on-site, or transferred to a facility for future use or to be given to residents.

AgriCycle, Inc., is capable of handling any grinding job of any size. We utilize three large-scale, Morbark 1300 tub grinders rated at 860 horsepower and two Morbark 6600 horizontal grinders rated at 1000 horsepower. We are able to mobilize these units throughout the Midwestern United States. Our personnel are the most skilled, safety conscious and qualified in the industry. We provide job bids and project estimates based on the size and quantity of your grinding needs. We are able to tailor proposals, equipment and manpower to meet your specifications.

AgriCycle – Nature’s Way to Recycle